SmartHCM e-Recruitment Release Notes

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SmartHCM e-Recruitment Release

Release Date: 29-Oct-2020

Module Version:

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartHCM MP23.4
SmartHCM Webservice


  • Home Page: By default, "Home" page has been opened in "English" mode.

Fixed Issues

  • Home Page: "Date" was not showing in the "Posting Date" column.
  • Create Account Page: When presses the "Continue" button to create an account then an error message "SMTP connect() failed." was appearing on the screen if the "Encrypted Password" entered for the "Email Address" in the "System Parameters" screen.
  • General Work: "Text" in the "Email Notification" was not showing properly in the "Email".
  • My Resume Page: "Permanent Address" and "Recommendations" panels were not working.