SmartHCM Release Notes MP26.3

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SmartHCM MP26.3 Release

Release Date: 16-Sep-2023

Module Version: MP26.3

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartESS MP26.3
SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App. (Android)
SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App. (iOS)
SmartHCM e-Recruitment
SmartHCM Webservice
SmartHCM Attendance Uploading Utility
SmartHCM Notification Sender Utility

Fixed Issues

PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: 1. When the user clicks on the "Authorize" button, upon completion of this action the system does not remove the data from the screen. 2. Its successful message to "All records uploaded successfully" has been corrected. 3. The "Authorize" button name has been renamed to "Upload". 4. The loading bar has been provided when the user is going to upload a file by clicking on the "Load Data from file" button.

PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: On uploading the data and authorizing, it shows "Records saved successfully" but the data didn't reflect in the "Monthly Payment and Deduction Employee-wise and Code-wise Screens, and after 10 to 15 min it shows on the Screens. Allowances and Deductions loaded successfully but Attendance loading gave the message that it's done but data not loaded.

PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: If the user presses the "Reject Changes" button then the screen functionality has been worked following: 1. The message appears to the user for the confirmation of the reject changes action with the yes no button. 2. If the user presses "Yes", the screen has been disabled. 3. The data has been removed from the "Rejection Log" also. 4. The "Reject Changes" confirmation by the user with the "Yes" command, screen should be refreshed. 4. The fields "File on Disk" and "For the Month" have also been swapped on the screen.

PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: 1. On pressing the "Back to Log" button a message was given. 2 Paging Bar did not work for the rejection panel. 3. The scroll bar was not showing on the screen. 4. On the paging bar, a message was coming, and if we yes to this message records got loaded from the screen but not known where it had been uploaded while the Rejection Log panel got Blank. 5. The screen got stuck when clicking the "Load Data From File" button multiple times.

PAY_R001 - Tax Slip: The impact of "Leave Encashment" with "Payroll" was not shown in the report.

HRS_S013 - Position: After adding a new position, the system displayed a "Saving" message, but it failed to load the saved position afterward. This situation causes confusion among users, making them think that the position has not been saved successfully.

TOM_S038 - Mobile Device Attendance Setup: The new "Employee" entry was not showing, and also "Paging" was not working.

WFL_S002 - Define Workflow: While searching on the screen it was given a "Request Failure" error message.