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SmartHCM MP26 Release

Release Date: 08-Aug-2023

Module Version: MP26

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartESS MP26
SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App. (Android)
SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App. (iOS)
SmartHCM e-Recruitment
SmartHCM Webservice
SmartHCM Attendance Uploading Utility
SmartHCM Notification Sender Utility


  • PAY_R022 - Payslip: "Location" and "department" fields has been swapped and also the two new fields "CNIC" and "Joining Date" have been added in the report.
  • PAY_S055 - e-Bank File Generation: Outside "Allowances" and "Deductions" codes have been incorporated in the report.
  • SET_S002 - Locations: A new column text based filed called "Company Name" has been added in the screen and it will be only enable for "Geo Locations" category and its sub levels and will be always disable for "Org. Locations". Also the reflection of this inserted "Company Name" in all reports has been worked same as concept of like "Logo Image" works.
  • ESS_S005 - ESS Specific Activity Right: A flag named "View Self Record" has been renamed with "Edit Self Record" with default value "False", so if this value is False then employee can not Edit/Delete his own record in related screens.
  • HRS_S185 - Employee Information: The "Basic Salary" and "Gross Salary" fields have been shown/hidden in the screen based on the Parameter defined in the "System Default" screen.
  • HRS_S185 - Employee Information: When a new record will be saved in the screen then a first entry will be automatically inserted into the "Employee Rejoining History" panel, with "Joining Date" and other important information.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: Locations and progress bars have been shown. These will be two bars namely 1. "Location" progress bar. 2. "Process Name" progress bar.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: Progress bar has been provided which will show the estimated percentage of completed/remaining time.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: Two progress bars have been shown i.e. one for the whole payroll process progress and one will show the procedure name with progress.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: A feature has been provided that if someone has executed the payroll then other users will not be allowed to run payroll of same payroll group and the user will be notified that Payroll already has been executed by some user.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: The "Attendance Information" panel has been provided just below the "Request Information" panel. Actual attendance record/data will be shown in this new panel same as showing in the "Daily Attendance" screen (SmartESS).
  • RMS_S001 - Request Type Setup: 1. New column has been added in backend in ess_menu_activity named SHOW_FOR_RMS_MAPPING 2. New column has been added in RMS_S001(Request Type Setup) named Show On ESS Screen containing dropdown of ESS screen for which SHOW_FOR_RMS_MAPPING is set to Y in table.
  • HRS_R015 - Full and Final Settlement Report: 1. Provided a new parameter named "Resignation Id" in the "Report Specific Parameter" panel. As per selected "Resignation Id", relevant settlement will be shown in the report. 2. Customization in the report has been done to show the multiple settlements of single employee.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: In the "Employee Rejoining" case, same "Employee Id" will be settled again and again. A mechanism has been created to accommodate the requirement so that on each iteration correct final settlement calculation will be performed and saved. Currently, "Full and Final Settlement" module is working fine for all employees.
  • HRS_S195 - Job(s) Transfer: Customization has been provided in the screen.
  • Employee Rejoining History Report : A new report named "Employee Rejoining History" in the "Pivot Table Reporting Tool - HRS_S207" has been provided to show the rejoining history of an employee.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: In the screen by hiding the 'Search' and 'Have Attachment' fields, we have optimized the screen interface for speed, ensuring faster and more efficient and quicker task within RMS."

Fixed Issues

  • HRS_S008 - Category: An error message was appeared when user entered any numeric value in "Max Basic Salary" column of more than 8 characters without decimal points.
  • HRS_S033 - Leave Balance: Yearly leave balances was not generating.
  • WFL_S004 - Assign Authority: The Loading Bar was not shown on the screen when user clicks on "Assign" button.
  • HRS_S108 - Applicant Information: In all the tabs where Remarks column was present, until completion of Remarks entry, disabled the back-end screen and only disabled it when user click on "OK" of Remarks pop message.
  • HRS_S108 - Applicant Information: In experience tab, the validation in "Start Date" column was not worked like provided in "End Date" column.
  • HRS_S207 - Pivot Table Reporting Tool: Emergency Evacuation Report was showing wrong results.
  • HRS_S207 - Pivot Table Reporting Tool: 1. The "Clear icon (X)" has been provided on the "Layout" field for removing the Layout after selection. 2. On clicking on icon "(X)" then main report will show.
  • PAY_S006 - Allowance Deduction Location Grade Setup: On editing the record, error was coming on the screen.
  • HRS_S097 - Appraisal Plan Generation: When user delete multiple employees that are already added in any appraisal plan and then going to save our changes by clicking on final save button an error was coming.
  • TOM_S018 - Machine Attendance Loading: When any request on submitting shows the error message "Roaster not defined." then its data will be updated in the rejected records of "Roster Not Exist" tab.
  • PAY_R038 - Detail Payslip: "Email" sending feature was not working.
  • TOM_R003 - Late/Early Departure Employee List: 1. "Company Name" was not came in one line. 2. "Late/Early Departure Employee List" heading was truncating.
  • PAY_R012 - Fund Yearly Contribution: Design the report in correct format; some columns data was truncating.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard: Same gender was showing twice on widget in the dashboard.
  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: 1. When user click on add button the 'File Type (Comma Separated):' field in the 'file attachment setting' tab was showing mandatory by default while 'show medical certificate' checkbox was off which was wrong. There will be this field disabled in any of case i.e add/edit/amend and only enable and allowed to edit in this field only if medical check box was checked. 2. Also correct the handling of saving data in 'final settlement settings' tab because when we once save the data in this field and refresh the screen or copy this record to another grade this field got disturbed. 3. In 'encasement settings' when we edit the record and remove the value 'Maximum limit to encash' and then save with this it again on refreshing it show the last saved value which was also wrong. 4.n the copy record option screen will show loading of screen message by making screen disables until the message 'records copied' don't come.
  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: System was not allowing the user to enter value more than Three digits in the "Divisor" field of the "Leave Encashment Rule" block.
  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: Hourly based calculation was not correctly handled in leave encashment.
  • HRS_S113 - Employee Hiring: On adding applicant, the system was showing auto generated Employee ID but on saving it was showing the ID which was already exist and because of that in "Employee Information Screen" data was also not showing. Whereas in "System default" parameter "EMPLOYEE_ID_AUTO_NUMBER" was "YES".
  • HRS_S198 - Leave Balance Adjustment: In the "Leave Balance Adjustment History" panel: 1. The "Entry No." column was missed. 2. Also, Ordering was not shown correct if multiple records entered in same day.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: Loan authorization error was coming in the screen.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: Gross pay was not showing in the screen.
  • HRS_S163 - Job Information: On creating a job, so after entering the details when we save the information it was giving an error.
  • HRS_S163 - Job Information: Searching was not working in 'Geo. Location' field.
  • TOM_R002 - Individual Time Sheet (Standard): Position Name was truncating.
  • TOM_R016 - Individual Time Sheet (Advanced): Position Name was truncating.
  • RMS_S001 - Request Type Setup: Procedure Name has been removed from the "Procedure" combo box.
  • HRS_S020 - Employee Increment: Employee increment screen was not working. When we save any increment, it was showing error "Input string was not in correct format".
  • TOM_S010 - Attendance Adjustment: "Add Record" functionality was not working.
  • TOM_S010 - Attendance Adjustment: When user fill the detail check box of bottom or top records of marked attendance record then the red cross got disappear for the mark attendance and user was unable to identify what records attendance was marked or not and have to refresh the to see that existing records which was wrong.
  • TOM_S003 - Time Slot: When user was going to make any off day new "time slot" the field of 'In-Time Range (Minutes):' will hide.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: Payroll Process was taking too much time to run the process.
  • PAY_S020 - Payroll Process: Salaries were not calculating correctly for the joiners who joined in the mid of the month.
  • HRS_S158 - Company Documents: Removed the document once it uploaded and save against any document name.
  • RMS_S002 - Request Fields Setup: Update button was not working in the Fields Data Type Setup panel.
  • HRS_R014 - Employee Leave Encashment: 1. Encah. Amount" value was not shown upto two decimal places. 2. Extra lines has been removed if only one employee record exist multiple times.
  • HRS_R009 - Leave Record: Text in Apply Remarks and Action Remarks columns was overlapping in other rows.
  • HRS_S086 - Appraisal Group: Paging Bar was not working properly in the 1st Panel of the screen.
  • HRS_S086 - Appraisal Group: On edit records, ordering in 'Appraisal Type Setting' repetition of ordering data was not checked on press of final save button.
  • PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: Scroll Bar was not shown in the Rejection Log grid panel.
  • PAY_R001 - Tax Slip: 1. In the "Report Specific Parameters" panel, decreased the space between "Emp. Id" and "Emp. Name" fields and also increased the width of "Emp. Name" field so long name can be visible clearly. 2. "Show Detail" check box was not working correctly, whether we check this check box or not, the "Employee Tax Adjustment Detail" block was still showing which was wrong. 3. Changed the name of check box field from "Show Detail" to "Show Emp. Tax Adj. Detail". 4. Also, aligned the "Tax Calculation Detail" block which shows in report from the very side in the same position of above "Employee Tax Detail" block. 5. Hint "dd-MM-YYYY(G)" was showing wrong, it should be "MM-YYYY (G)" on the "Date" field in the "Report Specific Parameters" panel. 6. Changed the report name from "TaxSlip" to "Tax Slip" on the "Report Specific Parameters" panel.
  • PAY_R001 - Tax Slip: Provided the proper formatting design for the block handling the null values.
  • PAY_R001 - Tax Slip: 1. "Tax Calculation Detail" block was showing incorrect presentation. 2. 1 Rupee difference was showing in taxable amount.
  • TOM_S038 - Mobile Device Attendance Setup: Searching was not working.
  • HRS_S112 - Applicant Interviews: 1. "Rating" combo was not shown disable by default. It wan not enabled when user selects "Attribute Id". 2. "Rating Value" field was not disabled always. 3. In Edit mode, "Rating" combo was not enabled.
  • PAY_S031 - Skip Installment: When we save any data it was not showing the authorize button until we refresh the screen.
  • PAY_R022 - Pay-Slip: Provided the total amount of "Rate" also along with the total of "Amount" value . Also adjusted the alignment of these amount so if the amount increase in 'n' number of digits will not show any abnormality in the report upon generation.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: Wrong attendance was created upon selection of "Employee Id" from the "Resign No." combo box.
  • PAY_R042 - Fund Balance Statement: The PF balance amount has to be corrected as the balance amount of PF contribution and Fund balance report is mismatched.
  • PAY_S005 - Attendance Location Grade Setup: System was calculating wrong value for Required Hours attendance type.
  • PAY_R045 - Monthly Attendance Status: Payroll Date was showing wrong in the Date range field in the Report Specific Parameters panel.
  • PAY_S055 - e-Bank File Generation: System was not added the Paid Arrears in the Allowances while generating report.
  • HRS_S207 - Pivot Table Reporting Tool: If one user was creating the layout so the data of that layouts was not showing to the other users. Instead blank grid was showing.
  • HRS_S207 - Pivot Table Reporting Tool: On running a "Payroll Process" system was counting the "pending leaves hours" also and showing the incorrect "present hours" count in the "Attendance Ranking" report although in "Attendance summary" screen "present hours" was showing correctly.
  • SEC_S010 - User Rights: 1. When we search anything in the search bar next to 'add all button' in 'assign user rights' sub screen and then search the another employee in user field it got refreshed but the text in search bar not removed which was wrong. 2. Same problem was existing in the sub screen 'view user rights' search bar. 3. The other issue was that in 'Assign user rights' and 'Assign group rights' when we going to add anything in 'group name' and 'activity name' the searching functionality was not working correctly.
  • SEC_S010 - User Rights: When user set "Y" only to view for "User rights " screen in this screen then all the actions button like add, add all, reject changes, save will hide from the all 3 sub screens of this screen.
  • HRS_R060 - Employee Data Export: Employee Data Export Screen was not working properly.
  • HRS_R060 - Employee Data Export: Report was not working when we click on "view data" and "export data".
  • HRS_R060 - Employee Data Export: Provided the all employees "gross salary" report in excel sheet for the client Ramada Islamabad.
  • HRS_R060 - Employee Data Export: Set the "DD-MM-YYYY" format for all the date fields in the screen and the report generated on these selected date filed filters correctly whether user perform any action like "view report", "Export to excel" save etc.
  • RMS_S002 - Request Fields Setup: In the screen "Parameter" column name replaced with "Parameter out " and also add a new parameter named "Parameter IN". Also this new parameter will be added before "parameter out" column.
  • HRS_R015 - Full and Final Settlement Report: Provided a new parameter named "Resignation Id" in the "Report Specific Parameter" panel. As per selected "Resignation Id", relevant settlement will be shown in the report.
  • HRS_S227 - Employee Rejoining: Provided a new screen named "Employee Rejoining - HRS_S227" in the "Employee" sub folder of the "Core Modules" module as per the attached Prototype. Also, do the validations of the screen.
  • HRS_S227 - Employee Rejoining: 1. When we authorize any record the after click on add button its emp. id was still showing in the "Employee ID." dropdown means this field was not auto refreshing upon "Authorizing" event. 2. When we delete any record then screen was behaving like upon clicking on "Reject Changes". 3. When we edit "Shift" field in any unauthorized record and save its changes then it was not saving the data when we query same unauthorized data from "Rejoining No:" dropdown.
  • HRS_S227 - Employee Rejoining: 1. In the field of "Rejoining No:" always showed 10 records in 1 page only. 2. Arranged the combo dropdown for "Rejoining No:" field in descending order so user can see last rejoined record on very top.
  • HRS_S227 - Employee Rejoining: Provided the auto-adjustment screen feature according to machine where user was opening this screen. Please see the difference in screen when opening in desktop and in laptop in screenshots. Also correct the vertical scroll bar in the screen where it will start as highlighted in image 'scroll bar'.
  • HRS_S025 - Probation Confirmation: After adding "request failure" error was coming.
  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: In the screen "minimum limit" allowed field when we apply (0.25) it will automatic round off it to (0.3) . System was allowed to take 2 decimal values.
  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: When we click on Geo Location it was giving us an error of request failure in leave location grade screen.
  • HRS_S185 - Employee Information: On editing any existing record, save button was showing error "Input string is in incorrect format". Also some time grade related error "not-null property references a null or transient valueSmartHCM.Core.Domain.Model.EmployeePersonnel.Grade" wass also coming on saving the data.
  • PAY_S010 - Employee Payroll Attendance: On running a "Payroll Process" system was counting the "pending leaves hours" also and showing the incorrect "present hours" count in the screen although in "Attendance summary" screen "present hours" was showing correctly.
  • HRS_S034 - Leave Request: 1.Limit of leave rule "how many time allowed" was updated when new leave year start with a leave type having "Leave Year" cycle and it will not see previous 30 days for the conditions validations. 2. for ex: leave year end on June 2023 then system will allow user to apply leave on 1st July 2023 without checking previous days validation 3. If leave type was custom based cycle all the limit conditions will validate as per defined setting in "how many time allowed" and "how many allowed" tabs section without checking year validation.
  • HRS_S034 - Leave Request: If "how many allowed" section was defined. 1. In the "how many allowed" section of the screen if we enter attached image scenario then restrict the user to not apply leave and consider the leave count sum from the latest applying 'from date' leave as per defined setting. No matter how many leaves user has applied but consider the sum count from the latest applying 'from date' as per defined setting. 2. Also show the remaining limit of leaves(hour or days) as per defined setup in this section through a message to user on submitting/applying leave. Right now message was coming which just show how many leave(hrs/days) user can apply in a month for example. 3. Also show a message from which date user can apply the requesting leave as per defined setup in "Leave location grade setup" if all leave limit was used by the user as defined in leave location grade setup. 4. If user was applying a single leave request with more than 1 day like for 16 hours then split this 16 hours into 9+7 for days as it will already displayed in daily attendance screen when such leave request got approved, to calculate the correct sum count considering 'from' date of current applying leave. This setting should be rightly implemented and have correct to all the leave types whether they are hourly based leave or day based leave.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: "Approve" button was not working when approving any request from the final approver and giving the error message "CANNOT PERFORM ACTION AS MANDATORY FIELD (Attendance Date) IS NOT MAPPED." although attendance date was correctly setup in "Request Filed Setup" screen of HCM.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: 'Generate request' button was not working correctly and giving an error message 'Attendance date is not mapped'.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: In the field "Resign Id:" when we were searching the record for the same employee whose multiple records were showing then upon selecting any record from the dropdown another record got selected and incorrect "resign id " was showing while data was displaying correctly in the screen for the resign id we searched for. This was happening while we going to search employee by it id, name and resign id having same initial numbers like 10521 and 10377.
  • HRS_S117 - Full and Final Settlement: On authorizing Leave encashment record, leave balance will be deduct from Full and Final Settlement Screen.
  • HRS_S033 - Leave Balance: On running Leave Balance Process after rejoining the employee an error was occurring.
  • PAY_S034 - Payroll Inquiry: Decimal values were not displaying in the screen.
  • PAY_S042 - Employee Basic Salary Editing: When login with the user (102483) ID on viewing the record, as we select the employee in the screen an error was occurring.
  • RMS_S001 - Request Type Setup: In the screen added the new column "Parameter in " before the "parameter " column and also renamed the existing parameter column name to "Parameter out".
  • GEN - General Work: For the screens "Employee Information" and "Full and final report" the field of "Employee" upon opening its dropdown by clicking on it was showing abnormal sequence of records. In this dropdown records will be shown correctly without any repetition of any "emp. id " and per page 10 records will be shown.
  • PAY_S056 - Fund Withdrawal: In the combo box and in the history panel showed the records which only belongs to "withdrawal W" flag fund.
  • SEC_S009 - Static Combo List: In the screen, the field "Set Language "combo list has fetched all the data from the table "set_language". Previously it was hard coded.
  • HRS_S195 - Job(s) Transfer: The "Shift" field was not correctly aligned when we opened it on the Laptop screen.