SmartHCM Release Notes MP23.3.1

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SmartHCM MP23.3.1 Release

Release Date: 11-May-2020

Module Version: MP23.3.1

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartESS MP23.3
SmartHCM Mobile App. (Android)
SmartHCM Mobile App. (iOS)
SmartHCM e-Recruitment
SmartHCM Webservice
SmartHCM Attendance Uploading Utility
SmartHCM Notification Sender Utility

Fixed Issues

  • HRS_R060 - Employee Data Export: System was showing "Blank" page in the report both in "English" and "Arabic" modes.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard: "Tree Menu" in the "Search Menu" combo box was not showing in "Arabic" translation in "Arabic" mode.