SmartHCM Mobile App (iOS) Release Notes

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SmartHCM Mobile App. (iOS) Release

Release Date: 15-Apr-2020

Module Version:

Maturity Status: Cancelled


Application Version
SmartHCM MP23.3
SmartESS MP23.3
SmartHCM Webservice


  • Leave - Leave: "Apply Leave" screen: System has suggested the “Days Requested / Hours Requested” on validating “Date From and/or Time From" and "Date To and/or Time To" fields by considering all the factors and rules. (Customization: Employee is supposed to enter "Date and/or Time" at which leave Starts and "Date and/or Time" at which leave Ends; system is supposed to calculate "Number of Days / Hours" of leave accordingly).
  • General Work - General Work: The "Logo" has been changed in the "Menu" screen of "Mobile App." application.

Fixed Issues

  • Leave - Leave: "Apply Leave" screen: User was unabled to apply "Hourly" based leave from "Mobile App.". System was showing wrong message "Leave already exists for Employee" on the screen when presses "Apply" button. Also, "Supervisor" field was not showing on the screen.