SmartESS Release Notes (Alpha 10-Oct-2018)

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SmartESS (Alpha) MP 22 Release

Release Date: 10-Oct-2018

Module Version: Alpha MP 22

Maturity Status: QA Approved


  • Dashboard - Dashboard: "RMS Request" alerts should be shown on "My Request" and "My Approval" widgets of the "Home" page.
  • Attendance Adjustment - Attendance Adjustment: When selects Status “All” then system is showing "Separated Employees" in the "Grid" Panel. System should not show any "Separated Employee".
  • Generate Request - Generate Request: "Request Type" combo box should show search result with hierarchy. Also provide "Cross" button to remove search.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Detail Page": In case of problem in connecting, it doesn’t show the records and graph but user don’t know what is the cause so should show "Loading" indicator while page is being loaded.
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: Rename the "Status" everywhere from “Cancel Approval” to “Approval Canceled”.
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: 1. Provide the "Generate Request" button. 2. Provide the "Cross" button with every field in the filter panel to remove data.
  • Attendance Summary - Summary for Attendance: Change the column name from "Short Leave" to "Hourly Leave".
  • General Work - General Work: Rename “Cancel Approved” with “Cancel Approval” everywhere in the "Request Management System" module.

Fixed Issues

  • Attendance Adjustment - Attendance Adjustment: Wrong "Date" showing against both "Hijri Date" fields in the "Filter" panel.
  • Attendance Adjustment - Attendance Adjustment: If the user selects "All" in "Status" filter then "Stopped" status related "Employees" should not be shown in the "Grid" Panel.
  • Over Time Approval - Over Time Approval: Wrong data is showing in the "Attended Time" column.
  • List of Leave - "قائمة طلبات الإجازة" Leave Status for Applicant and Supervisor: In the "Arabic" interface, user should able to search "Arabic" translation in the "Alternative Employee" field but it is not working. You can search for names in the "English" language but when you type in "Arabic" language; it does not show names.
  • General Work - General Work: "Folder Icons" showing like disabled in all "Request Type" combo boxes in "Request Management System" module.
  • General Work - General Work: Provide "Search" option in "Request Type" combo box everywhere in "Request Management System" module.
  • Generate Request - Generate Request: "List Type" field is not showing.
  • Generate Request - Generate Request: "Hint" is not showing in "List data type" as per defined in "Request Field Setup" screen.
  • Generate Request - Generate Request: "List" type field is not showing if “Multi Select” is “No” set in the "Request Field Setup" screen.
  • Attendance Summary - Summary for Attendance: "Count" should be shown in "Manual Attendance" column.
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: After pressing the “Search” button, "Filter Criteria" is resetting, while it should retain provided values.
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: After taking any action, web page "Title" become changes “Smart WebPortal”.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: Value of "Total" for "Late Minutes" is showing under the "Check-Out Time" column instead of "Late Minutes" column.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Total" of "Working Time" column is not showing.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Attendance Location Id" is showing instead of "Attendance Location Description" in both "Check-In" and "Check-Out" columns.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Google Map" is not showing in the "Detail" window.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: 1. "Working Time", "Required Hours", "Present Hours", "Provided Hours" and all other numeric values should be calculated with "2 Decimal" places. 2. "Extra Hours" is showing wrong.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Hijri Date" is showing in "Check-Out Date" column while there is no "Check-Out".
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: When search all "Employees" records then the "Check-In" and "Check-Out" columns are not showing in the "Grid" panel.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Extra Hours" suggestion is not showing in the "Grid" panel.
  • Late/Early Departure Approval - Late/Early Departure Approval: Change the column name from "Early Approve" to "Early Departure Approve".
  • Late/Early Departure Approval - Late/Early Departure Approval: Previous approved "Late / Early Departure" records are not showing in the "Grid" panel.
  • Interactive Appraisal - Interactive Appraisal: In the "Employee Objectives" Block, when the user pressing the "Save" button or "Submit" button then an Error message "ORA-12899 value too large for column" is showing. Provide the "Objective" length "2000" characters. Moreover, also check that system should not allow to enter character more than the allowed character length.
  • Apply Leave - Apply Leave "طلب إجازة": When enter value "23:30" (From Time) for "Night Shift" and entered "Hours Requested" value then an error message "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. (Invalid date)" is showing on the "Date To" and "To Time" fields.
  • Apply Leave - Apply Leave "طلب إجازة": We cannot apply annual leave (Daily base) if causal leave (Hourly base) is applied for 2nd half of day.
  • Apply Leave - Apply Leave "طلب إجازة": If the "Final Approver" is not defined against any "Level" then an error message "This employee is already resigned" is showing always instead of showing proper alert.
  • Letter Report - Letter Report "شهادة التعريف": Contents of the report is not displaying. Blank screen showing.