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The SmartHCM how-tos describe SmartHCM development topics using a focused development goal.


Windows, tabs and fields, reports and alerts

Data model - Database

Client Side Development

Server Side Development

Web Services

Coding Standards

To develop reliable and maintainable applications, you must follow coding standards and best practices. Most of the developers are inclined towards writing code for higher performance, compromising reliability and maintainability. But considering the long term ROI (Return On Investment), efficiency and performance comes below reliability and maintainability. If your code is not reliable and maintainable, you will be spending lot of time to identify issues, trying to understand code etc. throughout the life of your application.

The naming conventions, coding standards and best practices described in this document are compiled from our own experience and by referring to various Standard practices guidelines.

There are several standards exists in the programming industry. None of them are wrong or bad and you may follow any of them. What is more important is, selecting one standard approach and ensuring that everyone is following it.

Other Topics