SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release Notes

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SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release

Release Date: 17-Nov-2023

Module Version:

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartHCM MP27
SmartESS MP27
SmartHCM Webservice


  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: The "Request Management System (RMS)" menu has been added to the dashboard, featuring "Manage Request" and "Generate Request" forms, similar to the SmartESS application.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen The "Power BI Dashboard" button has been added to the Mobile App., allowing users to access the Power BI Dashboard seamlessly.
  • Tracking - Location Tracking : The "Location Tracking" feature has been implemented.
  • GEN - General Work: The "ESS" button has been added to the Menu, replacing "RMS". It now displays the "Request Management System" menu with sub-nodes as per defined in the "ESS Specific Activity Rights" screen (HCM).
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: The system has been configured to "Logout" the user from the "SmartESS" application by using the "Logout" activity, whether accessed through the web or the application.
  • Leave - Leave: The system has been updated to allow users to apply leave for the next year.
  • Login - Login : The view password "Eye" icon has been integrated into the "Password" field.
  • GEN - General Work : The "Server not responding!" message has been revised. In case of unresponsive "Web Service" or "Database", it now appropriately states, "You are currently experiencing difficulties connecting to the SmartHCM Cloud".

Fixed Issues

  • Attendance - Attendance Screen(s): When the user opened the "Attendance Summary" screen, the pie-chart image was shown blank.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: When the application was downloaded, the application did not open its "Login" screen unless and until we closed the App. completely then again open it.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: On marking "Face Attendance" in the logged-in dashboard, the time was not displaying on the screen either for check-in or check-out.
  • Attendance - Attendance Screen(s): In the "Employees Attendance Records" screens, by default, the "Current Date" range was not shown.
  • Leave - Leave: While applying for leave, it was showing the error "You are currently experiencing difficulties connecting to the SmartHCM cloud".
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: The "Offline/Online Attendance" functionality was not working. The system was not marking attendance in both "Offline/Online" modes.
  • Face Registration - Face Registration: The "(Beta)" word was removed from the "Face Recognition"/"Face Registration" camera screens.
  • Leave - Leave: The data was not showing in the "Chinese" language in the "My Approval" screen.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: On runtime, when the user made any changes in the "Mobile Device Attendance Setup" screen, its effect was not instantly reflected in the logged-in application.
  • GEN - General Work: When "Data Connection" or "WiFi" was "ON" but the internet was not working, the system was showing the message "Internet not available.".