SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release Notes

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SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release

Release Date: 09-Feb-2023

Module Version:

Maturity Status: Cancelled


Application Version
SmartHCM MP24
SmartESS MP24
SmartHCM Webservice


We're pleased to announce the latest release of our Flutter Android app, featuring a range of new enhancements to improve user experience and streamline processes. Here's what's new:

  • New User Interface and Design : Our app has been redesigned with a modern, streamlined look to improve navigation and user experience. The new design features clean layouts and larger buttons with clear labels, including View, location tracking, sync data, attendance location, check-in, check-out, leave, attendance, salary, loan, news, and tracking buttons.
  • Lock : We've added a new lock feature, allowing users to lock their profiles for added security.
  • Dashboard : We've added new features to the dashboard, including 'From date' and 'to date' displays according to payroll dates, as well as badge panels displaying different counts such as present, LOP, off day, deputation, and absences.
  • Check-In & Check-Out : Users can now mark their attendance with a single click, which updates their check-in and check-out times.
  • Application User Rights : All different user rights, including GPS, device on, face check, registered image, and auto-registration of the first device, can be easily given and taken from the "Mobile device attendance setup" screen of HCM. Attendance location and allowed device rights can also be given and maintained.
  • Subscription Expiry Reminder : To help users stay on top of their subscription status, we have added a Subscription Expiry Reminder to the login page and lock dashboard. This reminder will appear when a user's subscription is about to expire, reminding them to renew before it is too late. This feature helps users avoid disruptions in service and ensures uninterrupted access to our app.
  • Password Expiry: : With our new Password Expiry feature, users can reset their password if it has expired. This feature helps users maintain security and prevent unauthorized access to their accounts.
  • Apply Leave: : Users can now apply for leaves and see their leave requests, while supervisors can see pending leaves for their approval.
  • Attendance: : The attendance tab allows users to see their attendance summary, attendance records, location/department/shift-wise attendance summary, and employees' attendance records viewed based on defined rights.
  • Salary : Users can view all salary-related information in this tab.
  • Loan: : The loan tab displays all loan records and details for the user.
  • News: : The news tab displays important company announcements and news to keep users up to date.