SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (Android) Release Notes

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SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (Android) Release

Release Date: 27-Dec-2023

Module Version: MP27.1

Maturity Status: Cancelled


Application Version
SmartHCM MP27.1
SmartESS MP27.1
SmartHCM Webservice


  • GEN - General Work: The version has been updated to support Android "Version 13".
  • Attendance - Attendance Screen(s): "Week Day" names have been concatenated in the "Date" field.
  • Salary - Salary: The system has been configured to display "Payslip" to employees during the "Provisional Run" of the Payroll Process.
  • GEN - General Work: An option has been added to enter a "Password" on the mobile application when clicking on the "Salary" menu.

Fixed Issues

  • Leave - Leave Screen(s): Leave was being applied on an "Off Day".
  • GEN - General Work: The application displayed the error message "Server not responding", if an issue existed with the "Internet Connection" or the "Webservice" was unavailable.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard: The application was not showing "Check-In" and "Check-Out"; When the user marked "Check-In" or "Check-Out" after the specific time, and due to that status is "Absent".
  • GEN - General Work: If the user had Android "Version 7" or below when attempting to re-install the application from the "Play Store"; it displayed a message stating like "This app won't work for your device".
  • Dashboard - Dashboard: Android "Version 8.0.0" was encountering a two-decimal points issue.
  • News - News: If there was no News, the "News" page continuously showed a loading indicator.