SmartHCM Release Notes MP23.1

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SmartHCM MP23.1 Release

Release Date: 25-Oct-2019

Module Version: MP23.1

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartESS MP23.1
SmartHCM Mobile App. (Android)
SmartHCM Mobile App. (iOS)
SmartHCM e-Recruitment
SmartHCM Webservice
SmartHCM Attendance Uploading Utility


  • HRS_S023 - Leave Location Grade Setup: The screen has been redesigned and user can easily "Add", "Edit" or "Amend" the "Leave Setting" against each "Leave Type" w.r.t the selected "Geo. Location" and "Grade".
  • HRS_S207 - Pivot Table Reporting Tool: The new screen (Reporting Tool) has been created in the "Human Resource" module. In this screen, two new reports named "Employee Information" and "Job Information" has been provided. Also, user can create the new reports and edit the reports by using "Query Editor". Also, user can delete any report. Also, user can export the report in "Excel Sheet". Also, user can make different groups in already selected report by drag and drop columns according to their requirement, so that view of the report will be changed accordingly.
  • PAY_R004 - Salary Sheet: In the "Report Parameters Form": 1. The new hierarchical "Multi-Check" feature has been provided in the "Org. Location" filter. Child hierarchy will be shown as per selected node in "Org. Location" drop down exists in the "General Parameters Form". Records has been shown in the report as per selected departments. Also, "Searching" has been provided in the "Org. Location" filter. 2. The new check box named "Show Overtime Hours" has been provided in the "Report Parameters Form". If the "Show Overtime Hours" check box is checked then "Overtime Hours" of all "Overtime" ad codes will be shown in the report and if any one and/or multiple "Overtime" ad code(s) selected then related "Overtime Hours" will be shown in the report. 3. "Grade" column will be shown if following filters are selected from "Report Parameters Form"; - Group On - Geo Location|Department - with Additional Columns. - Group On - Department Location|Geo Location - with Additional Columns.
  • PAY_R025 - Reconciliation Statement: The "Grand Total" field has been provided in the report.
  • PAY_R044 - Monthly Tax Statement: The new report has been created according to the given prototype in the "Income Tax" module. In this report, user can view the detail of tax information for all employees against selected "Month" wise.
  • PAY_R043 - Tax Certificate: The new report has been created according to the given prototype in the "Income Tax" module. In this report, user can view the certificate of income tax against each employee.

Fixed Issues

  • HRS_S128 - Letter Template: Large font size were showing against the adjusted "Old Templates".
  • HRS_S128 - Letter Template: 1. "Letters" were not showing in "Ascending" order on "Letter Name" in "Letter Tree". 2. "Tree" was not expanded by default. 3. "Letter" editor and toolbar were not disabled if letter was not selected. 4. The tool tip “Define employees who can generate letter from HCM” has been changed with “Define users who may generate this letter from HCM”. Also, relevant "Security" icon has been provided. 5. The title of popup window “Allowed Employee” has been changed with “Letter Name - Define users who may generate this letter from HCM”. Also, "Employee Name" and "Position" columns size has been increased.
  • HRS_R051 - Letter Report: Value of "User" tags were not reflecting in the "Letter" when user runs the "PDF" File option before run the "Show Report" option.
  • HRS_R051 - Letter Report: "Fields" and "Labels" of "User" tags were overlapping with each other.
  • HRS_R051 - Letter Report: 1. In the "Saved Letter" tab: - "Search" button and some filters were not showing like "S. No.", "Letter Date To". - The "S. No." has been renamed with "Letter No." in grid and filter. - The "Reset" button has been provided with "Search" button. 2. In the "New Letter" tab: - Some "User" tags were truncating on the "Laptop" screen.
  • HRS_R051 - Letter Report: The button name has been changed from "Reset Filters" to "Refresh". Only grid panel should be refreshed when user will press the "Refresh" button.
  • PAY_S017 - Monthly Data Upload: 1. The name from "Funds" to "Fund Withdrawal" has been changed in the "Load Type" combo box. 2. Also, The word from "Funds" to "Fund Withdrawal" has been changed in the "Message" like "To upload fund withdrawal, text file should be in this format: Employee Id,Amount,DD-MM-YYYY (Date)".
  • PAY_R025 - Reconciliation Statement: "Total" was not showing "Employee" wise in the report.
  • PAY_R038 - Detail Payslip: "Payslip" were sent by "Email" without "Password" protection while "Password" was available.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: The icon of the "Action" button and "Approval History" button has been changed.
  • RMS_S004 - Manage Request: 1. When the user taken any "Action" then grid panel was not refreshed automatically. Also, system was showing previous status of the request. 2. Also, same record was showing two times in the grid panel.
  • WFL_S002 - Define Workflow: "Organization" hierarchy was not opening in the "Workflow" panel.