SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release Notes

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SmartHCM Flutter Mobile App (iOS) Release

Release Date: 05-Apr-2023

Module Version:

Maturity Status: Cancelled


Application Version
SmartHCM MP25
SmartESS MP25
SmartHCM Webservice

Fixed Issues

  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: When user as marking an attendance(Check in and check out ) on mobile data the message for "Server is not responding " and "check-in/check-out failed due to location is not registered" was coming very frequently.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: Replaced the message of 'No integration text found' to " Mobile App. is not registered. Please contact SmartHCM Support Team via SmartHCM Support Portal ".
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: Corrected the message for wrong user id or password with message 'The User Id or Password you entered is incorrect. Please try again.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard Screen: An issue in the mobile application, on some employees mobile App menu was not showing. Kindly resolve this issue on an urgent basis.
  • Leave - Leave: When a user clicks on "Push Notification" then a "Leave Status Detail" screen was opening but screen was not working. Also, screen was truncating from both right and left sides.
  • GEN - General Work: Custom settings of workflow was not working on leave approval on mobile APP. Its working fine on ESS.
  • GEN - General Work: On approving leave in the mobile application it shows "LD01- Something is not good" error on the screen.