SmartESS Release Notes MP23.1

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SmartESS MP23.1 Release

Release Date: 07-Aug-2019

Module Version: MP23.1

Maturity Status: QA Approved


Application Version
SmartHCM MP23.1
SmartHCM Mobile App. (Android)
SmartHCM Mobile App. (iOS)
SmartHCM Webservice
SmartHCM Attendance Uploading Utility


  • Attendance Summary - Summary for Attendance: The column has been added after the "Absent" block named "Total" (Sum of "Present" and "Absent" blocks) in the screen.

Fixed Issues

  • Attendance Summary - Summary for Attendance: If data will be available in more than one column in the "Present Days" block and in the "Absent Days" block then "Total" column should be shown in both blocks.
  • Daily Attendance - Daily Attendance: "Check-In/Check-Out Exists" combo values were showing "Available/Not Available/All", while it should be shown "Yes/No/All".
  • Interactive Appraisal - Interactive Appraisal: "Appraisers" were unable to appraise employees if employee isn't available in their "Geo Location". "Geo Location" of "Appraiser" and "Geo Location" of "Employees" can be different and user cannot provide the "Location Access" of different location to every "Appraiser".
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: Fields in the "Request" should be shown side by side in the grid panel.
  • Manage Request - Manage Request: The icon of the "Action" button, "Approval History" button and "Print" button has been changed.
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